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Buy Local Island Club

Save at hundreds of Island businesses including retail, professional services, food and dining, heating fuel, home care and maintenance, and more.

To qualify you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Vote on Island. If applying for a family membership, each member must vote on Island or be employed by an Island business for at least 6 consecutive months.

  • Employed/self employed by an on-island business that provides a regular and continuous product/service to Islanders for at least 6 consecutive months.


Individual- $69 

Family (2 cards) - $89 

Senior (65+) - $39 

Senior Family - $59 (2 cards) 

Blended Family (1 @ 65+) - $79 (2 cards) 

Member Business Individual - $49 

Member Business Family - $69 (2 cards) 

Replacement Card/Keychain $5.00 

Additional Card - $20

Membership Rates

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