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Scholarships & Youth Programs

Buy Local Island Club Scholarships:
Your Membership at Work for the Community

Buy Local Island Club scholarships are awarded to Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School or Martha’s Vineyard Charter School seniors pursuing a four year college degree program. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need first, and second, academic performance. Preference is given to students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better. Our scholarship program is managed through The Permanent Endowment of Martha's Vineyard

How do we fund our scholarships?

When you join Buy Local as an Island Club Member, we donate 10% to to the scholarship program. Additional private donations also fund our scholarship program. 

2022 Island Club Scholarship Recipients

Tessa Hammond

Our Island Club General Scholarship

Emilia Adamson Felix

Our Island Club Nursing Career Scholarship 

Colin McNamara

Our Island Club Marine Technology Scholarship

2021 Island Club Scholarship Recipients

Jackson Wojnowski

Island Club Scholarship -  $4,000

Ana Clara Ribeiro

Island Club Nursing Scholarship - $1,000

Brooks Carroll

Island Club Marine Technology  Scholarship - $1,000

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Violet Cabot

Island Club Scholarship - $3,500


Melissa Lacerda

Island Club Scholarship - $3,500


Taylor Hughes

Island Club Nursing Scholarship - $1,000


Riley Ignacio-Cameron

Island Club Marine Technology Scholarship - $1,000

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Curtis Fisher, $5,000 

Mia Pagliccia, $5,000

Rebeca Lima, $1,000

Jacqueline Freire, $1,000

Alana Morris, $1,000

Kacion Robinson, $1,000

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Edwin Gould-Hatt, $5,000

Jessica Sonia, $5,000

Lucas Dutton, $1,000

Addison Geiger, $1,000

Ian Shea, $1,000

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Blake Leasure

Island Club Scholarship - $5,000


Raven McCormick

Island Club Scholarship -  $5,000


Willson Slayton

Island Club Building Technology Scholarship - $1,000


Maxwell Smith

Island Club Building Technology Scholarship - $1,000

Fatima Ronquillo

Island Club Building Technology Scholarship - $1,000

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Amanda Bernard, $5,000

Joshua Tate-DaSilva, $5,000

Samantha Robinson, $2,000

Mitchell Chaves, $1,000

Tristan Araujo, $1,000 

Jordan Tate-DaSilva, $1,000

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Lucy Norris, $5,000

 Jacquelyn Swan, $5,000

 Chantal Booker, $2,000 

Sophie Ulyatt, $2,000

Aaron Figueroa, $1,000

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